Spotlight: Insomnia by Oh Well

This week at ShowBiz we are back after taking sometime to watch out for artists who are making a difference out there. Today we are featuring "Oh Well", yes you read that right!

"Oh Well" is a solo Indie Pop EDM project based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Oh Well is famous for their songs on questioning the basics of people with hits such as Forging a False Reality. The Line of everlasting moments perpuating in space and no one's watching who's gonna find out hit us really hard and make us think!

In this article, we wanted to talk about Insomnia, Oh Well's latest EP which is all about - you know - Insomnia - the fights that occur on the mind, the running away from truth, anxiety and everything people experience with the subtleties of the struggle to have a good night's sleep. Particularly the tracks Insomnia and Blindfolds Off shook us up when we heard them!

With gripping music, the videos are much more gripper that they truly resonate the tracks' feelings. Don't believe us? Watch them yourself and for sure you will agree with every line of the tracks!
Now we go sing In the middle of the night can't sleep... Insomnia....
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