Spotlight: Rowdy Freestyle by Rowdzilla

This week on ShowBiz, we are highlighting Rowdzilla. And for those of you who don't know Rowdzilla, please spend more time in the music world as Rowdzilla is an upcoming favourite artist of the music community who's first single was released when he was only 13 reaching almost 4000 views!

Music, as we know becomes life for people who are artists at heart and there is nothing else they can think about day in and day out. Rowdzilla has been no different as since the age of 13, there is no looking back and as he says his music is a more accurate reflection of his true self. This year, Rowdzilla the boy turns 16.

So, we at Showbiz spent time listening to Rowdy Freestyle and boy we must say it has been our favourite this week - it does start with a jazz note but quickly goes on to show his rapping skills and the place where we felt really good is :now there is a second when there is a first, its all on the mind. You gotta listen to the track and feel good - just like us! Here's the single on Spotify for those who want to put it on their playlists right away.

We've got the video right here so you can start listening and seeing him right here on ShowBiz blog!

Did we also say that Rowdzilla is also on Instagram and Apple music - let's spread some love to the great artist who's already ready to take on the world!


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