Spotlight: Under My Skin by Katrina Stuart

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In this article, we introduce you the latest project by Katrina Stuart of the album titled "Under My Skin". Katrina is a Musicash recording artist and this is her very own and first ever album that she released worldwide, on 14-November last year.

Talking about the album and our favourite track Under My Skin - it is about all her life experiences she has been through and they feel so meaningful to us at ShowBiz blog. In her own words about the title of the album, Katrina explains "I feel like all the songs are created from all these different emotions that are in my heart and ‘under my skin" Very true we say!!! Take a look at the cover art as well - we will tell you what it means right after the image.

One part of the image portrays happy go lucky every day life of a girl but the other part portrays the dark side which we all face and go through on some days. Such deepness in the artwork!
Talk about producers of the album - some top names here like - Trevor Muzzy, Cboe, Niklas Carson, Yei Gonzalez, Sebastian Lestapier, and Andrelli.

You can catch the track on all internet platforms Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play. Alongside this, there are also two of her nice to hear singles "Gone" and "Dinner."

A little bit about Katrina herself that we learnt and wanted to share here - she is a performer from Toronto and now lives in LA! Ever since age 4(yes age 4!!) she has been creating her own music and has been performing at multiple events and venues. The one info that excited us to the peak was that she is more everything that we can get from a performer - a model, a dancer and an actor! You can even see her in magazine advertisements and short films we've been told. From ShowBiz blog - we wish Katrina all the best to rock on her career in music!


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