Spotlight: The Wild One from YellaCatt

On today’s ShowBiz spotlight, we talk about EP “The Wild One”. This has been on our playlist for over a week now due to its spot on music and power lyrics.
YellaCatt’s Daniella White was heavily pursuing music from forms of nature, feminine, mystic and mythology. We sat down and heard the tracks from EP The Wild One(listen now!) featuring tracks Dragoness, Super Power Pussy, Wild Horse and Lightning Strikes and we wanted to write about them all as they were fantastic in their own way.

We will now focus on Dragoness, which was our pick of the lot. The music video is scintillating in its truest form, the slow start to the song and the exhilarating music adds to the moves in the video. 

Daniella has attributed her lifelong love affair with music on this EP by expressing music as an artist. She has had her own successful crown “The Plumed Serpent”. Watch the video below by YellaCatt and you know what we’re exactly talking about!

Of course, she has her own website, is on Instagram and Facebook. We are sharing the links to these platforms on this article. So all you trendy music fans out there looking for a mystic piece of music, The Wild One is our pick for you! 


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