Spotlight: Fired Up by Gemtarra

Our final spotlight this week at ShowBiz is the new EP Fired Up.
So what got us at ShowBiz fired up about "Fired Up" the EP? It is the fact that it is by twin sisters Gina Cieri and Tina Cieri. The genius twins came up with a blend of Italian words for twins and guitar (Gemilli and Chitarra) - how cool huh - and formed "Gemtarra" as the name of the band.

Based in Philadelphia (yaay Philly!), the twins formed this band in 2018, were originally called Prima Donna and we came to know they were quite popular in college stations including making it to top 10 lists!

The new EP Fired Up has some nice to hear tracks Fire Me Up and Jealous Heart - very uniquely made words and lyrics targeting all those valentines out there, these were recorded in Conshohocken, yeah one of our favourite cities in the US!, there are some top names for the music in the band of Gina and Tina, including Grammy award winning producer Phil Nicolo. Gemtarra has their own super awesome website where they post about themselves and what they intend to come up with next. Listen to the EP we are hooked up with right now - Fired Up on Spotify

Alternative music and rock are blended into a new level by this band. The instruments used on their prima track Fire Me Up is very classic yet fits so well into today's expectations of young listeners. Time is their abode for the tracks cross all barriers of time and the band should take a bow!

You can listen to the first two singles off of the EP "Fire Me Up" and "Jealous Heart" on all streaming sites. Check out Gemtarra's website for news, their social media handles for personal and album information and more updates.


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