Entertainment on the Internet

With the advent of Internet during the 90s, it is seen that more people including youngsters are glued to their systems most of the time. Internet is an interconnection between all the computers in the network. It helps in fast and speedy transfer of data, gathering information, communication, updates, etc.

Internet has turned out to be a major source of entertainment not only for youngsters but also for adults and elderly people. Few years back internet was used only as a source of information and to send messages across through e-mails. The developments like chatting and VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) the communication between people has increased enormously. There are many websites that contain User Generated Content called as UGC. The initial form of UGC is the Wikipedia where in people post content on any topic and now it has grown to such an extent that it currently has 13 million users - 3 million who have contributed English articles alone - and is available in many languages. It is said that it has much more reliable content than the encyclopedia - all of which is user generated.

The next one would be Facebook. This is an example of social networking site which is very famous in US and catching up with people around the world. It has various features like writing on wall, uploading pictures, taking up quizzes, sending gifts, playing with the applications - which makes a person completely addicted. YouTube is another example of a Web 2.0 site where in videos are being uploaded at the rate of around 1 every 3 seconds. It has a huge chunk of videos which attract people of all ages. 


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Internet is really the best way to explore. I enjoy all my favorite series and movies over here. Without any boundation I can see here anything anytime.

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