Entertainment from Television

Television is a major source of Entertainment in today's world. Though Internet has taken up most of the time of the television viewers, there is nothing that can match up to the TV. The fact that audio and visual effects are simply superb on the TV makes it a major source of entertainment.

TV shows include live telecasts of concerts, shows, football matches, cricket matches, US President speeches, etc. It also telecasts up to date news, weather forecasts, debates & discussions, movies, trailers, albums, advertisements, series, documentaries, etc. There are various categories of channels that have emerged with the advent of TV. Few of the channels being news channels which telecast news 24x7 which include BBC and the CNN. And then, there are movie channels, environmental channels like National Geographic, Discovery etc, about Travel & Living, Sports channels like the ESPN, Star Sports etc., music channels such as MTV and VH1 add more value to entertainment.


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