Journey of an actor through a short film

Showbiz is a popular business which entertains millions of people across the globe and actors get highly paid for their works. But the process which an actor undergoes is a lot which can't be explained easily. Every profession has lots of learnings and like wise acting is an art which can't be mastered easily. It takes lot of effort and dedication which is the highly used words when it comes to careers. But it is true each and every profession can't be taken lightly; there is effort needed to pull out the skills and deliver during the moment.

Recently I came across a actor Sonny-Joe Flanagan; who has tremendous talent. His debut acting venture is going to kick start with "Echidna". This is short film where he has depicted a role of an actor and portrayed what an actor goes through before he gets the much awaited break. An actors life is never heard until they get their opportunity to speak about it. There are lot of challenges and difficulties which an actor endures during the starting phase of his career. Once he is known for his acting skills then also due to many factors actors fade out. Looking forward to Echidna which would premier on March 13th 2017. 


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