Socializing on the web with Facebook - part1

Facebook - a social networking site is a perfect example of a Web 2.0 site. The basic ingredient that makes up a Web 2.0 site is that it has User Generated Content (UGC) which means that it does not have any original content of its own but everything is generated by different users.

Facebook maintains profiles of various people and enables the people to become friends of others by the option of adding them as friends. Moreover it is so transparent in the sense that a friend of yours can view your photos that you have uploaded, can comment on them, check out your friends, write on your wall, check what others have written on your wall, etc. It is this feature which makes it very interesting. As the person logs in, by default, all updates about his/her friends are shown on the home page. On skimming through, one gets an idea on what is going on in his/her friend's life by looking at the changed status message or the uploaded pictures. These are just some of the basic features of Facebook. Advanced features will be discussed on my next post.


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