Socializing on the web with Facebook - part2

Did you know that Facebook has the option of commenting on photos or quizzes on the Home Page which makes it very user friendly. Even Friend suggestions are sent and shown on the Home Page. Other requests sent by your friend will also be shown. Any friend requests are also shown on the Home Page. Moreover the quizzes that the people have taken and their results are also displayed. This prompts the user also to take up that quiz. Facebook has another feature of Applications. These are mostly games and can be added to the profile. Facebook supports 64 languages. The number of people who are online are also shown. Even gifts can be sent to your friends by paying $1. The web-site acts as a platform between you and your friends.

The above mentioned features are just a few of Facebook's features. It's said that too much of something is not good for the mind and body and this applies to networking too. Since it is getting more and more interesting day by day, youngsters get addicted to this site and even waste a lot of time and money which should be avoided.


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