An entertainment of a different format

There are many art forms that have been accepted largely as an entertainment quotient in the minds of the people. To mention a few dancing, magic tricks, theater and musicals. The most difficult yet enjoyable of the many forms of entertainment is the "mime". Mime actually refers to the art of portraying a thought with the help of body motions. This format of entertainment is often referred to as a form of art and it involves enormous efforts by a number of people. The people acting in a mime show are called as mime artist.

Most of the mime artists showcase their talents in the form of a dance or a musical or sometimes with just their expressions. The mime shows could even be oriented towards a theme or a cause. For example I happened to witness a mime show that was close to a street play. The mime artists actually performed on the streets of California. They were performing to promote the cause of military personnel deployed in Iraq. Their whole show lasted just for about five to six minutes but the experience was a memorable one as the artists could get the message across to the audience in that short span of time. And most of all they portrayed the whole cause without uttering a word. Now that is what I call an entertainment with talent.


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