Abracadabra- The Magic of Magic

The Purpose of Magic is to amuse and create a feeling of wonder. Be it getting a rabbit from a hat to walking in the air, it completely baffles the audience and creates an urge to know the secret, and whenever you ask the magician about the truth behind the trick, “its all done with smoke and mirrors”, would be their only reply. It takes months or years of preparations and a lot of dedication and passion towards their job. Still, the magician performs a balancing act. He turns something from nothing, something into nothing, something to something else, and something to move somewhere all based on illusions.

When it comes to stage shows, there are a plethora of options and the magic show comes under the best category. The successes of every magic shows are based on two concepts, Audience's perception and the performer's ability. These two gets connected in both expected and unexpected ways, whatever the case may be, it brings fun and joy for the audience in any case.

So if you see a listing or advertisement for a magic show and if it looks intriguing and if the ticket price seems fair then what are you waiting for, get out there and guarantee yourself a great time.


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