My favorite movie

“Life or Something like it” is a movie that i saw last week... i would say Life should be something like that. It’s a very simple story which each and every one of us can relate to. The story revolves around a young woman played by Angelina Jolie who is highly career oriented and a practical minded person. And one fine day she hears from a prophet that she has only one week to live. And the movie is all about how her life changes after that. She begins to do things that she actually enjoys, appreciates the small things in life, and has time for every person.

Coming to think about it, we also lead a very mechanical life. Who, these days has the time to enjoy the rain or look at the stars in the sky or take a walk or have a nice talk with your loved ones. We are doing things just because everyone else is doing it and we have to keep up with them. We spend our entire lives in competing and getting the better of other person.

If we know the date of our death we would spend every day doing the stuff that we love doing, which otherwise would seem insignificant in present times..Why not do that even now? Keeping up with fast changing world is important but it is even more important to Live Your Life. I would definitely say “Live one day at a time and live it as if it were your last day”.


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