Before Machines

“Before machines the only form of entertainment that people really had was relationships.”
Entertainment is a form of de-stressing oneself. In early days entertainment was just passing time with relationships. But at present entertainment has reached its own heights. If anyone feels bored or doesn’t know how to while away time, then he should know that he has a lot of options, be it going to malls, theaters, operas, surf Internet or even playing games etc. As far as I am concerned, the real form of entertainment is going to some places where real silence can be felt. Silence can make a person feel fresh, healthy and sound in mind. Another form of entertainment can be hearing music which also calms down any person who feels tensed or nervous. Nowadays people rarely have time to relax themselves. They are prone to develop many syndromes such as diabetes, blood pressure etc., Therefore entertainment is a must to make them feel better from work pressure.


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