Magic with David Blaine

With more and more magicians moving on to street magic, it has become very popular in US. But there is one famous street magician who has become popular not only in the US but worldwide. David Blaine is from US. His magics and illusions have shocked the whole world. He has even broken several world records. Apart from street magic he has also performed several acts which would be dangerous to his own life. These test his endurance. He must be really courageous to do such stunts which could even cause his death. Few of his magics include card games, turning his hand almost 360 degrees, making money out of coffee, guessing what is in people's minds, etc. One more famous act of his is Levitation. Levitation is the act of lifting yourself in the air for a short period of time. He is indeed multi-talented because he doesn't not perform only magic but also does stunts and has broken several records. One of his most famous ones is 'Drowned Alive'.
He created a record for being submerged in water for almost 177 hrs. He did not break the previous record of holding the breath in water for around 8 minutes but he gained fame after this. In another stunt he was sealed in a case for about 44 hrs without any food and was surviving on just water everyday. Another stunt of his was when he was encased in an ice block for almost 63 hrs and it was telecasted live. In another one, he hanged himself upside down for a week. All these are just a handful of examples of his stunts and magic. He has done many more which have been telecasted live and written about in many books. All his acts are available in which would definitely shock you. So go check them out and have fun.


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