Capturing entertainment with Camera

The usage of film camera has been declining as we can see from books, advertisements, film camera in stores it would appear that not even ten percent of the camera users continue to use film camera. But as far as I am concerned, this is not true. Though digital camera offers you great quality and also it could be cost saving when it comes to long run. Whereas a traditional film camera still has some advantages for some users because for them they need something which meets their needs.
Those who decide to switch from traditional to digital camera there is not much difference to which they should adjust. Certainly it is the technology which made the difference like, resolution, pixels and the optics. But there are some basic changes which everyone needs to adapt. One of the biggest advantages of having digital camera is it does not run out of power for a long time. But it consumes a lot of energy from the battery, and it is also known to drain batteries very quickly. One of the disadvantages of digital camera is the unique power greedy functions of powering an LCD screen.


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