Not just humor but entertainment

Humor is one of the most cherished attributes in human. Does humor mean more than just cracking a joke? Or is it something more than that. Even if it is something more than cracking a joke, can it ever be an entertainment? Humor and entertainment are not too closely related terms. Well, the answer to all is “YES”. How is that possible? Read on.

Humor refers to the attribute where one has the funny sense to make people smile or sometimes make them burst out laughing. On the other hand entertainment is about making people enjoy some time forgetting their regular work activities and regular pressures. Entertainment is one industry that does not see a slump in the business even in times of recession as entertainment is something that most people crave to enjoy if not regularly at least occasionally.

How did humor take form as an entertainment? It is due to the rise of a special kind of gifted people called stand up comedians. They are also called as stand up comic or just stand up. There are several stand up comics who have even taken up this form of entertainment as a career option. These people perform predominantly in the restaurants, pubs and sometimes in large concerts. They keep the people hooked to them by their humor and gestures. This is what I called an entertainment with humor.


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