Old fashioned entertainment

Let’s get into the history of entertainment, as we proceed we find entertainment began late back from the beginning of human civilizations when people gather together to perform at the campfires. But the known history tells us that the civilization at Greece began the entertainment as a part of the social life. They started to design stage plays having mythological characters where the whole city state became the audience. Later stage plays where nurtured by music, and spectacular playwrights started to bring life to this form of entertainment. It is needless to say about the contribution of Shakespeare and Bernard Shaw etc in bringing about the needed changes in the field of entertainment.
Now we have every form of entertainment possible like TV, internet etc but still it is difficult get Lunt fontanne theatre tickets or the new Amsterdam theatre tickets because we still have the stage plays going on. The stage plays format has now been improvised into various forms like music shows, movie shows and the new improvisation called stadium theatre were even sports has been made to merge with rock shows. Reliant stadium tickets have been made difficult to get because of the rush for such type of entertainment.


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