Network Assessment

Networking is a hot subject now and everyday it is being leveraged to its fullest. For any critical transaction, the continuity of network is very important. Therefore it has to be assessed every now and then. The network assessment service will give a detailed description of your network layout. It studies the utilization and traffic of your network and gives a report on it. The service runs on every individual port configured in the network and gives an audit report will be part of this service. This is really important in terms of Banking Transactions or any Video Conferencing sessions in a widely spread company. More than that any Telecom or an Internet Service Provider has to be cautious in allocation of bandwidth because nothing should be over or under-utilized. Apart from the network assessment, network security is another ocean of study which plays a vital role in controlling the cyber crime. It secures all the data that is being sent of the internet every fraction of a second so that your privacy should be preserved.


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