Caught in the torrent

Yesterday, it was well past the time for work and I just didnt want to get up from my bed. I just wanted to spend the rest of the day doing my favourite things. I just dragged myself from bed and had something to eat and after that I decided that I'd watch movies all day long. My hard disk got corrupted a week ago and my movie collection was gone with that. So the saviour of the moment was the torrents, started my computer and set myself to start downloading movies. While searching for torrents i made sure it was Only live torrents, I have already downloaded torrents from and the search engine showed only live torrents, so finding the perfect torrent was quick and easy. While the movie was downloading, I was listening to music and the minute the download was over I started my movie marathon. I kept downloading another movie while watching the previously downloaded movie. This went for around 8 to 9 hours. At the end I was tired and went back to sleeping, my dreams were filled with 4 foot tall green men taking over the planet, while I was trying to save the planet flying around on a bright orange costume :D


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