ShowBiz Showcase: The Reg Grundy Innovation Award

This week in ShowBiz blog, we bring a very special topic to our subscribers that we are very excited and thrilled about. For those who are big fans of the swashbuckling movies ‘Titanic’ and ‘Avatar’ – this one is just for you!

Now, we have been covering plenty of award festivals and ceremonies alike but not all of them come close to the Monaco Streaming Film Festival. Last year, the Monaco Streaming Film Festival and Grundy Media joined forces to recognize the highest tier of outstanding games changers and innovators in film and global media with the introduction of ‘the Reg Grundy Innovation Award’.

The Monaco Streaming Film Festival is a hybrid festival which empowers today’s finest film content creators. On the other hand, Grundy Media is an iconic brand in global entertainment. When these forces come together – a bold vision with perfect execution is born that helps the media industry to move people on a global scale.

Reg Grundy is a legendary media mogul who worked very hard to bring strength to characters of his movie with unparalleled professional. The Reg Grundy Innovation Award is for those showbiz stars who are similar to Reg Grundy - have boldly and brilliantly expanded the Global Entertainment Industry with unparalleled impact across all platforms.



Who are the entrants of such a prestigious award? They can be individuals or teams who have made historic contributions to both expand and elevate worldwide entertainment on an unprecedented scale. Recipients will embody the type of vision, drive, character, spirit and success that made Reg Grundy a legendary media mogul.

That is why, this year, the jury members turned without hesitation to James Cameron - one of cinema's most prolific and respected directors, who will receive the Reg Grundy Innovation Award!

For more than three decades, James Cameron has striven in becoming one of the world's most influential and innovative film directors. His creations have blazed new trails in visual effects and broken records that were thought to be unbeatable. His saga Terminator is a cult classic. The unforgettable
Titanic and the surprising Avatar, the second part of which is announced for this year, have climbed to the top of the world box office with disconcerting ease.

Throughout his career, the man whose unfailing seriousness earned him the nickname "Iron Jim" has striven to push back the technical and logistical limits imposed on him in order to always surprise an enthralled audience. Today, James Cameron has become a leading director, known to film enthusiasts and novices alike throughout the world. And, after receiving multiple prestigious prizes, from the Oscars to the Golden Globes, he is now accepting the Reg Grundy Innovation Award at the Monaco

Streaming Film Festival. A strong symbol for a director whose ability to create in defiance of the forbidden is a nostalgic reminder of Reg Grundy's strength of character, obsession with perfection and unparalleled professionalism.

Mrs. Joy Chambers-Grundy, wife of Reg Grundy has said: “My husband’s masterful ability to always push beyond limits, and to turn unimaginable dreams into reality was truly exceptional. It also amassed for him international success, opened the door for all others to follow, and saw him pursue his life-long passion of entertaining people in every country around the globe.

I’m truly thrilled this year to present this prestigious award to James Cameron, in honor of Reg Grundy’s unmatched and incredible impact on the global media industry. Reg was a true innovator and trailblazer. A visionary like no other. He always inspired, motivated and celebrated the next generation, and he was always ten miles ahead of the current technology being used at the time.

He would be so proud to see this award presented to James during the Monaco Streaming Film Festival.”


– with inputs from Jo Cullen-Cronshaw, CEO of RG Capital and Director of the Reg Grundy Legacy Awards.


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