ShowBiz Showcase: Monaco Streaming Film Festival to honour ‘NO TIME TO DIE’ with the Best Film Award

Once again, we at ShowBiz blog are showcasing yet another exciting news coming from the Monaco Streaming Festival, which we are actively following since the past week. The second edition of the Monaco Streaming Film Festival (MCSFF), will take place from 31st May until 3rd June 2022!

This edition is held in conjunction with major Hollywood streaming studios and Reg Grundy Media and will take place from at the Grimaldi Forum, following the Cannes Film Festival. So if you are already at this place, don’t go away quickly because something very interesting is planned to take place at Monaco!

Industry leaders and talent will descend on the glamorous principality of Monaco, the festival’s home-base, to partake in four dynamic days of premieres, VIP receptions, marketplace exhibition, conference talks and a glamorous Gala Awards night.

The talented producer Barbara Broccoli will be amongst the distinguished guests at the event, attending the event by videoconference. Now if you don’t know her, she is the brilliant producer who produced the James Bond saga during the Daniel Craig era! It is thanks to her unparalleled instincts that the best-known secret agent on the silver screen has managed to win over the world, once again. This is why Barbara Broccoli, known as "The Guardian of the Temple" because of her fervent defence of the franchise, has become a key name in film production over the years.

The best film award at the event has already been announced! It is none other than the iconic bond movie of 2021 - "No Time To Die", and we are sure it must have been an easy choice given the grandeur and masterpiece of a movie this was. A very special way for the festival to pay tribute to one of the most beloved 007 agents. And to say goodbye to him, too.

Christian Moore - one of the festival directors

In "No Time To Die", Daniel Craig bids farewell to the legendary role of James Bond with style and panache. His azure blue eyes more determined than ever, he leaves behind his licence to kill, and walks away without looking back. Considered by many to be a public and critical success, the film directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga brilliantly closes a saga that has completely renewed the genre. And this was not an easy task, as the elegant work of Her Majesty's former agents had left its mark on the minds of spectators around the world. From Timothy Dalton to Pierce Brosnan, including Sean Connery or the mythical Roger Moore, all succeeded in magnifying the famous 007’s impeccably tailored tuxedo. And, with chic and refinement, they have together managed to create a legend that will never die.

Monaco Stream Film Festival will have the honour of awarding the prize for best film to the now mythical No Time To Die at their second edition on May 18th. It is indeed a gesture of considerable symbolism for an event created and directed by no less than Christian and Geoffrey Moore, the sons of the mythical actor whose face will forever be linked to the name of the spy he played for so many years, in the truest Show Biz style ever! We are ShowBiz blog are mighty fans of the Bond series and are more than thrilled that “No Time To Die” was chosen for the Monaco Streaming Film Festival award.


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