Jimmy Merchant calls into Eye'z GRM Presents Podcast

If you're a regular follower of Show Biz blog, you would have seen our spotlight on Eye'z soulful track "Lovely" last month. If you haven't, check it out now!

Singer Eye'z

Since then we at ShowBiz have been ardent followers of Eye'z and recently she hosted GRM Presents Podcast Ep 27 live on Facebook and as she went on in podcast playing her favorite track Lovely, there was someone trying to get the phone number to call in to the show and it was none other than Rock N Roll Hall a Famer Jimmy Merchant and it was an amazing moment for Eye'z herself and we loved it when we saw this!

Jimmy Merchant
It's then figured out that Jimmy Merchant happened to be watching the podcast live on Facebook and wanted to talk to Eye'z. What a day for Eye'z!
Check out the emotions and fun flow on the video below:

For the complete podcast, it is on FCC Free Radio - GPP Episode Almost over this world. ShowBiz continues to follow this Eye'z and we will our take on her achievements!


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