Joe Fishel Hollywood Actor and Producer

Joe Fishel is a rising Hollywood actor and producer that continues to show the film industry his talents. You may have seen him on the big screen of Hollywood’s greatest movies that have blown box office charts, such as the The Dark Knight Rises (2012), Potential Inertia (2014) and Concussion (2015). 

Aside form acting, Joe is also successfully producing films. He is the producer and actor for the upcoming horror feature film ‘Occurrence at Mills Creek.’ A snippet summary from the films official IMDB page, “A young woman is haunted by the same strange occurrences that have plagued her prominent small-town family for generations.” The film also shows on IMDB a date of 2020. We can’t wait until it comes out! While you readers are keeping track of Joe Fishel’s film projects, go to his official IMDB to check out all his film credits ranging from 2004 and upcoming projects until 2020! 


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