Award Winning American Actor Billy Slaughter News

Billy Slaughter has gained respect and recognition in the Hollywood entertainment industry, he has worked with many of Hollywood’s most famous and talented actors, and he still has some amazing film projects in the works! Billy is known for his many roles in Hollywood’s top box office films and hit tv series. If you’ve seen The Magnificent 7, The Campaign, The Big Short, Bad Moms, Daddy's Home, Marvel's Cloak & Dagger, The Purge TV, and American Horror Story Freak Show, you’ve also seen Billy Slaughter. Billy has has taken Hollywood by storm and continues to show the entertainment industry more and more accomplishments! 

Billy Slaughter is never doing just one thing. He has successfully completed his 100th on-screen credit, he has another half dozen projects coming out before the end of the year, he is President of Panta Rei Productions, he is a series regular in Arceneaux (a newly-released mini-series on Amazon Prime), and he is still in his 30s! We can’t wait to see more of Billy Slaughter’s future film projects. Take a look at his IMDb page to keep track of his official film and tv credits and follow him on Instagram and Twitter @BillySlaughter1! and imdb at


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