Catch Interviews with Celebrities

Well, frankly, I didn't hit upon this idea. One of my friends who is a regular reader of my blog came up to me and talked about this wonderful site where interviews and in depth galleries of interviews with local and international celebrities can be found at no cost.

I also came to know that they do portfolio photography sessions for common people alike and who knows, your career in art may sky rocket after you showcase your photographs. The company is Gainsboro Studio and boy, they are so well known in their locality that one of my friends who lives there started to explain me all about it when I spoke to him over phone that I am planning to write a post on Show Biz Blog about them - it indeed complements Show Biz.

There are up-to-date interviews and opinions with local and international celebrities, the G SPOT-Light interviews takes the most sensitive, interesting and controversial subjects of the day. There is this News at 11 which is a no-holds-barred experience in incorrectness, satire and cold-hearted facts. You will want more, just like how I wanted two days ago when I attended that.

PS: Gainsboro have a very nice collection of photo galleries and they offer professional quality photography for all occasions. They are technologically advanced and are one of the first studios in Alberta to become fully digital.


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