Its real entertainment

There are many things that we as human being enjoy in this world, some of them are important moments of life like graduation day, wedding, first appointment of job etc. Among these important days of life wedding has a special importance because for a simple reason it has every bit of enjoyment within it. The real entertainment part of it is the preparation part of the wedding. The wedding day needs special preparations like preparing wedding invitations, fixing the wedding minister, fixing a hotel for wedding celebration, preparation for the bachelor party, tailor made special suits etc. All these things will take a little bit of our time and money but all these activities of preparation even though give us a little trouble, we nurture these moments of life in the future. So we should enjoy these moments as we do them as and when we do them. When we turn back into them after the marriage these moments will be the best that we remember in the future. When we see the wedding video at a later part of our life we will cherish the moment of the preparation and feel happy about the preparation. So the real joy of any celebration is in its preparation.


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