ShowBiz events coverage: My Music Block tv awards nominees performing in July & ceremony August 6!

This month at ShowBiz blog, we've been watching some live events across the globe and have put together an interesting list that we will be updating on our blog over the next week, so stay tuned right here!

First up, our favorite of the lot - the cobiz Richmond event where a variety of artists performed - the event took place on 15-July. A number of artists whom we follow and feature at ShowBiz blog performed at this event and this time, we are featuring their performance and interview videos right here on ShowBiz blog!

Here's Queen G who performed and enthralled the audience with her hit singles.

Better yet, here's video of fan favorite singer Eye'z performing a hit single from her collections.

Then we have an interactive interview of Project black list following by a rock showdown!

All this is leading up to the My Music block tv awards ceremony that will take place on August 6 and we just can't wait to see who the winners will be this year. During the ceremony - the most expected artists project black list, Neshel Renee, Queen G and Eye'z will be performing!

All the nominees are now posted on the website and its vote time! You can check out the nominees on their official website and start rooting for your favorite artists already!


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