ShowBiz Spotlight: Violinist Asher Laub

Today on ShowBiz Blog, we are featuring a unique artist who has just released a cover for one of our favorite songs of the year 2021!

Mind you, our favorite songs of the year 2021 is a very limited list consisting of only those tracks that we had listened to like 100 times when they were released. One such song was Indigo by Camilo, and now you understand why this track is on our list!

Now back to our spotlighted artist – to be exact – a violinist! Asher Laub is already an established violinist who has done covers of tracks like Easy On Me by Adele, Savage Love by Jason Derulo and is catching all his fans' attention like no other with the latest cover release of Indigo!

Since we’re big fans of Camilo and the hit track Indigo, we have been listening to this violin cover for a dozen times already now. No doubt, Asher is truly a gifted artist but he is also a remarkable performer and plays the violin with utmost focus and passion. Maybe this is why all his covers have a soul in them which makes it so good as the real track itself.

Watch Asher perform the cover of Indigo by Camilo in great clarity right here, on ShowBiz blog.

See what we mean? The cover also gives us beautiful visuals that are as good as the original track itself – it truly did make us relax while enjoying the violin played to perfection! 

We have hit the follow button to get updates of Asher Laub on his website and his Instagram – Asher Laub, so we look forward to knowing which track he would cover next and mesmerize us once again!


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