Film News: Genie Ems Script Reveal

What does it take to become a scriptwriter? We can say it takes a large dose of talent, creative literary intellect, and a great imagination. Genie Ems is a Hollywood actress, novel author, and a scriptwriter. She started acting at the age of 15 and released her first novel Fallen Angel on Barnes and Nobel at the age of 18. Genie Ems has written a variety of different film scripts, one of her comedic scripts has drawn great attention to some well-known movie production companies in Hollywood. We asked her to give us just a peek inside what her script is actually about.

T.L Q: Your comedy script is getting great buzz. Can you give us what genres will this move be?

G.E A: The script is comedy, action, and adventure. 


G.E A: Before I even started writing, I wanted to make a comedy that was fit for everyone to watch. For now, without any changes to it, it is a PG 13 movie. 

T.L Q: Will you be in this film?

G.E A: This movie is about 3 high school boys, so no, I haven't made myself out in it. 

T.L Q: Are there particular locations when it comes to filming? 

G.E A: Some of the locations now in mind would be Paris, Russia, and LA.

T.L Q: Is there a movie budget that is spotting out for?

G.E A: Now we are looking at a 40 to 60 million range.  

T.L Q: Will this script turned movie be that amazing?

G.E A: All I can say is that it will bring great laughs to all.

When this comedy comes out, we can imagine the great results in the box office! 

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