Importance of marketing and promotion

In showbiz I wanted to discuss how important is promotions and marketing in entertainment industry. A film has many stages but promotions and marketing is the important phase which decides the film's success rate. A film symbolize the efforts of director, actors and technicians. The success rate of a film is decided by the people. Promotions and marketing help in showcasing a film’s standard and cast. 
 Nowadays social media has gained popularity on promotions and marketing. The film marketing will involve the directors and lead actors who share their experience on the film. The evolution of advertising has improved over the years. The media plays a key role in advertising and promoting a film. The press meet are held before launching a film in which director and actors answer to the queries from the journalist's. The merchandise of superheros was started to promote superhero movies and it was huge hit. The merchandise comprises of toys, t-shirts and accessories. The studio marketing helps in promoting businesses and products through commercials. The commercial ad is the effective way to promote and market new businesses and products since it has a wider reach. 


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