AELO Music in stores!

AELO The Futuristic Muse is a fictional character in a series of performing art and showcases. The Swiss artist and producer Lisa Maito was inspired by Antoine Saint-ExupĂ©ry’s book 'The Little Prince', and portrayed AELO as a free spirit with unbounded curiosity and adventure. AELO is a living symbol of freedom, tolerance and openness. Her mysterious aura and friendly character enchants and delights people for these times. AELO's focus is turned into the hearts of all people.

In her poetic and interactive production 'Connections By Heart' Lisa Maito conveys the message that 'We Are All One', no matter of colour, religion and race. The fact that AELO the protagonist looks so gorgeous strange, enables her to represent topics in our global world that are gained in importance. Such as tolerance and integration, foreignness and communication and the ability to deep relaxation.

AELO's unique MUSIC in DOWNLOAD STORES now! Enjoy the featured song DANCE TO COME TOGETHER.


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