Technology marries Music

Can you imagine a time when you used to go to music shops buying cassettes and CDs or even recording them according to your requirements. The tapes were so bulky initially with only 10-20 songs in a tape. But the technology of storage has developed so much that “the size does not matter” phrase has become so prevalent. You can record and store hundreds of songs in a single disc of 650-700 MB or thousands of songs on a 4.2 GB DVD and of countless songs on a Blue Ray Disc. But where do you get so many songs? Will you get in a music shop? And how will you search for music? By reading every word on the CDs stacked there? Brick and Mortar shops are useful only when the items can be easily departmentalized. It is really difficult to manage a store for music. E-Commerce and E-business have brought about a new revolution in fastmp3search. You can just type in your favorite singer or first line of lyrics and you get a filtered set of search results from which you can choose the exact song you wanted. The music search has helped a lot of people becoming absorbed into the world of music.


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