Fun with Photos

This is for people who are not very well-versed in morphing photos or using Photoshop. You can change the way you or your friends look and have your picture embedded in areas you will never dream of. That is the specialty of the website which offers you thousands of templates with specific spaces on the template where your photos can be embedded. The photo fun is that it can be as cute as in a bell on a Christmas tree or as funny as in a highway truck. The idea is to send your loved ones customized photos to show your affection for them by taking at least a small effort. I started enjoying this photofun as I say when I sent online greeting cards designed by me to my friends. I was wondering how I could make the card look funny, attractive, and different and personalized at the same time. Then I caught hold of these kinds of sites. But I could not stop there on. I am still enjoying the photofunia. I feel so great when people asking me “Wow! Thanks a lot dear. That was wonderful!” or when people scold me “How could you put my face over there”. The effort is the same though. All I have to do is to select a template and upload a photo.


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