ShowBiz spotlight: Mirror Mirror on the wall...

 This week at ShowBiz we are turning our spotlights on something rather interesting that we encountered while doing our regular rounds of search for unique music recently produced. 

Before we go into the music and the artist, let's talk about ourselves. Yes, ourselves - we humans. We all have a certain way of thinking, a certain belief, a certain approach to everything in life. Where does this come from? It comes from how we're brought up as kids or if we didn't have that opportunity - it then comes from what we've experienced as kids. After we are fully grown up, this certain way of doing things shapes us for the rest of our lives. 

Now imagine looking at the mirror and seeing this totally from a different perspective. A perspective that says this certain belief and thought process is actually turning you into a prisoner of those exact same thoughts. Quite the view, right?

This is our take away from the recent production "Mirror, Mirror" by an amazing artist Morgan King who has debuted her solo project with this song. She has literally swept us away with the lyrics and the rendition that starts with the lines "There's a monster in the mirror... Staring back at me...." and then goes on to sing about being chained in one's own beliefs. 

Mirror, Mirror

About the song itself, it is rock influenced pop track that was released on May 28th, 2021. We are so glad we caught this song so soon since its release and are spotlighting it here on ShowBiz blog! Morgan is truly a multi-genre artist - you can figure it out when you listen to her other tracks. Morgan’s solo music combines elements of pop, some old-school emo music, trap, and plenty of electronic sounds that will keep you coming back for more of it!

Morgan's website is and she can be followed in Instagram therealmorganking.


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