ShowBiz spotlight: 4 the Birds by GiGi Vega

This holiday weekend on ShowBiz - we are featuring another new single from a multi-talented artist! She's none other than "GiGi". GiGi Vega is a Billboard pop artist, singer, dancer and an actress who loves to move people with her art. Indeed a versatile artist!

“4 the Birds” is all about keeping it real in line with the times we are living in. It is a powerful ballad that is all about love and relationships in the post-covid world. The song is about being in a genuine relationship with the person you love and admire the most and equally living your passion to the fullest. This is as described by GiGi herself! GiGi partnered with Grammy-winning producer 1500 or Nothin’, and the song was co-written by the Grammy-nominated Hookman (Jason Derulo, Offset, Chris Brown).

It was also very exciting to see that GiGi's last hit, “Watchu Tryna Do?” featuring rapper TEC, is currently #19 on Billboard!!

You can listen to “4 The Birds” on SoundCloud or catch 4 The Birds on Spotify right now!

GiGi is quite famous on Instagram that she has a Music Instagram @gigivegamusic page besides her and personal Instagram @gigivegaofficial to stay up to date on future releases.

We at ShowBiz are so happy we get to spotlight this amazing artist and the splendid single. We are looking forward to what comes next from GiGi Vega!


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