ShowBiz spotlight: Eye'z and Fluid at Thread The Runway!

This week on ShowBiz blog we turn our spotlight on an exclusive event that happened in Oakland California this month. It is "Thread The Runway" event that was on July 10 - a fusion show, day party and concert featuring some great artists and the like. Featuring live performances by Fluid, Jay Luck, Keldamuzik, Lai’jhon Hawkins and many more. It was the first ever event of such sorts in the area and the buzz was very existent even after a few days. A lot of small businesses and local artists were supported through the event.

One such highlight of the event was our favourite artists whom we always write about - Eye'z! She came to the event wearing a 70s inspired looks and was absolutely fabulous! Here is an exclusive ShowBiz blog photos of Eye'z, Rap artist Nutsofly(in blue) and Fluid

Main artists of the event were of course Eye'z and Fluid. Fluid and Tiffane Love are 2 time My Music Block TV  Award nominee. Eye'z is once again nominated for the 4th annual My Music Block TV Award -

You can catch a glimpse of Rapper Fluid's electric performance here - The GRM awards ceremony is scheduled for August 7th and we're so looking forward to it - catch all the action here on their official website - MMTV GRM awards


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