ShowBiz spotlight: Athlete Chaqwan Williams is going pro!

As all our avid readers of ShowBiz blog know, we turn our spotlight every week, sometimes twice every week, to a prominent or upcoming personality in the entertainment world and share our perspective of why the person deservers all the spotlight!

This is was no different when we set out to find out who will be featured in our spotlight of the week. But, this week is very interesting in itself. If you're wondering why, then we'd like to remind you that the 2020 Olympics (yes 2020 but happening only this year due to you know why!) has officially been kicked off this past week. So we thought it would be very appropriate if we talked about a upcoming celebrity in the field of sports.

We then researched and wanted to feature none other than the track and field national champion in the US  Chaqwan Williams. Chaqwan is a sprinter who finished his high school career at Crown Point High School in Indiana is very focused on shining and winning in his career as an athlete. 

Right after high school, Chaqwan accepted a scholarship to track and field powerhouse Indiana Tech for track and field where they accomplished a National Championship Title. After this fantastic freshman season, Chaqwan, the focused athlete that he is, he decided to go full professional right away. You can find all the information of Chaqwan the athlete here on

We then learned something very exciting when we had a few conversations with Chaqwan himself. He will now be signing a pro contract with Under Armour for $1.6 million in a deal that we think will propel his career as a fine athlete by helping him keep his focus on all pro events to achieve his goals!

Chaqwan Williams puts all his thoughts into an excellent summary by saying "When you put your trust in god, anything is possible". We at ShowBiz agree with this fully and all the above together is the reason we wanted to feature an athlete celebrity this week on our spotlight! We wish Chaqwan all the best in his next sprints and field events and for him to reach for all the medals out there!


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