ShowBiz spotlight: Kate Magdalena is nominated for my music block TV Award!

This week on ShowBiz blog we are featuring yet another artist who has been nominated to the My Music block TV awards! It is none other than Kate Magdalena - the ever young and inspiring song writer and singer!

Watch her nomination performance here - 

It is worth to note that Magdalena performed at the nominations event on the 19th in San Pablo Ca and received her formal nomination from Sharon Manuel of the Manuel Sisters and Shelena Smith the CEO of "All Hustle No Luck Records"!

We at ShowBiz also are excited to talk about the other popular artists who are nominated, they are; Eye'z, Arthur Jae, Rap Artist Fluid, Studeo SatGame, Kenny Sawyer. Nominees who didn't attend for thier formal nomination certificates were; Bezerk Derek Fahy Tiffane Love Ale Amor X. 

Here's a picture of Eye'z and Magdalena from the event - what a wonderful picture!

Other nominees listed below Noehart, Townbizz Sport and Entertainment, Tanea Hill ,T Local, Capital B, Ally, Cocaine Roccky Badd, Girls in the hood, Molly Brazy, TicketTV, Blue Blood Boxing TV, V1ctv 

The Event ended with an encouraging speech by the Manuel sisters about being trail blazers and being a trailblazer for the next generation as they were raised with trailblazing pioneers of music. 

Here's an Instagram video from MMB awards featuring record owners and Magdalena speaking about several aspects of their life: 

Kate Magdalena

Also super exciting is that Rapper fluid wished Kate Magdalena good luck on her nomination as he could not attend and sent his love to all nominees and event coordinators.

So we at ShowBiz join hands and extend our wishes and support to Kate Magdalena for this nomination and are looking forward to the results of the award ceremony! 


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