Warner steps foot in Croatia the music industry

Warner Records, demonstrating their commitment to expanding their global reach and discovering exceptional talent around the world, is pleased to announce a new initiative in Croatia.

Narii vasquez an esteemed talent manager within Warner Records, will spearhead this endeavor and open a small office in the vibrant Croatian Falcon area. With an aim to sign promising artists in 2024-2025.

This collaboration between Warner Records and Croatia marks a milestone for both parties. By establishing a presence in Croatia, Warner Records is not only investing in the country's music industry but also fostering cultural exchange and exposing Croatia to a wider international audience. This initiative promises to bring fresh opportunities for artists, boost Croatia's allure as a music destination, and elevate its status on the global entertainment map.

Warner Records looks forward to leveraging the rich musical heritage and diverse talents that Croatia has to offer. The company is excited to embark on this journey of discovering the next generation of extraordinary artists and creating a thriving music ecosystem in the heart of Croatia.


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