Nominees for 6th annual my music block tv awards!

Here at ShowBiz blog, if there's one music awards that we diligently follow and report on, it is the my music block tv awards - importantly for the reason that they pick and honor upcoming artists who are doing great in their respective strengths and are equally contributing to the betterment of the music industry and fellow artists.

So without further ado - here we are with the nominees for for the 6th annual my music block tv awards:

Subjective Visions Music

Cletus Yesk

Cheryl Manuel

Phantom Power

Matt Thompson

Eye’z (our very favorite and we keep writing about Eye'z - check out our archives using the post labels)


Alien Amor

Maurice Jenkins

Amanda Grace

Serkan AktaƟ

Pam R. Johnson

Shannon hughes

Voice Of Addiction

Tino Martinez Quintet

The American Hotel System

Maurice the music

Minus 2

Kelly Jean

To da T productions


Aushanna Thomas


Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold

Devier Avery

Gregory Hickman Williams

Town Bizz JS Sports

Todd Smith



Diane Kaufman

The awards program is scheduled on August 27th and we can't wait to see who's the deserving winner of the coveted awards! It is going to be a concise and sweet event on the 27th with special appearances by You Feel Me TV KEKE Dreams and special performances and hosted by crowd favorite Dr. Wright.

We from ShowBiz blog wish the nominees all the good luck and great evening at the 6th annual my music block tv awards. Full information and more links from official pages -


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