Diana Jenkin's Attorneys Contacted Garcelle Beauvais' Attorney in April

In April, Diana Jenkins engaged her lawyer to contact Garcelle Beauvais' legal representative following the appearance of cruel comments on Jax Nilon's Instagram account according to Jenkin's recent Instagram post, disputing claims by Garcelle on "What Happens Live" last week.

In response to Beauvais' recent remarks on the issue, Jenkins shared a complete letter on Instagram that was sent from her lawyer's office to Beauvais' legal representative. Dated April 2023, the letter addressed the social media bot attack targeting Beauvais' son, expressing empathy for the pain, stress, and harm caused to the entire family. Jenkins asserted that she had no involvement in the deplorable conduct, despite any differences between her and Beauvais.

The letter disclosed Jenkins' significant financial investment in the investigation and hinted at the potential for a more favorable outcome if Beauvais joined the lawsuit. Jenkins offered to cover all related expenses if Beauvais agreed. Alternatively, if Beauvais chose not to participate, Jenkins was willing to share her findings thus far to aid Beauvais' independent investigation. The letter concluded by extending options for further discussion and collaboration to identify the culprits.

Fans praised Jenkins for her dedication in the case, with numerous supportive comments surfacing alongside the post.


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