ShowBiz spotlight: We are the United States by Karen

There are times when you can keep going without an external motivation and there are times when you need some motivation and hope from the outside. This is where we believe music helps. Music makes us believe in possibilities, gives us hope and makes us determined to achieve all that we’ve been dreaming of. Speaking of dreams and opportunities, it is always known that United States of America is called the ‘Land of Opportunities’ and no better than a music that brings motivation to this land in itself!

Karen is an independent artist who has devoted new single, “We Are The United States” to bring hope and inspiration to all those on the front lines as they face the battle of time in the current pandemic. This time is uncharted territories for the whole world and during this time, people do need a lot of encouragement and Karen is determined to give it from her music. We at ShowBiz applaud the artist’s efforts to come up with such music!

“We Are The United States” is available now on YouTube and all major platforms. You can see the song below and feel hopeful that this too shall pass.

Karen is on bandcamp where you can follow her for all her music releases.


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