ShowBiz spotlight: Party Pants

Hey, you coming to my party? 
Huh! What party? 
There is a party, 
My little party, 
 A happy party, 
Just for you baby.

These are the opening lines of the track ‘Party Pants’ which is same as the artist's name.
'Party Pants' is his debut in music and he has released it with a energetic music video on YouTube.

Whilst we are all busy on taking care of ourselves, it is nice to come across as party song that is for free spirited souls who like to dance away. Party Pants was released quite recently on 27th March and is making fans drool over it for its hip breaking dance moves and for its visual treat to the eyes with a lot of color. Party Pants likes to believe that he is the king of Hard pop and a musical innovator. We say we agree!

Watch Party Pants right below and you will agree that ‘Party Pants’ the artist aims to do more energetic tracks like this and gain a lot of followers.

You can follow Party Pants on Facebook and Instagram and join the party!



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