ShowBiz spotlight: Strength n Dreams by Hazeline Taffe

Today our focus is on Reggae a much under-celebrated genre of music. Reggae, for starters, is a music genre that has its origins in Jamaica, as it is very popular and common there. Reggae instantly reminds music fans of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, the legends they are.

Currently, there are quite a few artists who make a good mark using reggae music. During our search for artists that make or have made inspiring reggae music recently, we chanced upon Hazeline Taffe who had recently released the album Strength n Dreams, a 2-track reggae album with songs in exactly those words “Strength” and “Dreams”.

Hazeline Taffe

As the song titles literally mean, they inspire the listener to live a courageous and confident life to pursue and fulfill his/her dreams. The line which made us at ShowBiz get goosebumps is “....believe in yourself, it makes a difference” in the song Dreams. We recommend all our readers to listen to this inspiring album to gather strength and determination and lead a wonderful life!

You can listen to the album Strength n Dreams on Spotify and all other major platforms as well. For more information about Hazeline Taffe and what surrounds here life, visit her website


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