The future of the action thriller is female!

Women are rarely leads in action films, and behind the camera, women direct fewer than 6% of movies in the world. When it comes to action movies, that percentage drops to something minuscule, but the team at Enlightenment Productions want to change that! 

The Artemis Protocol is an all female action film that’s unique in it’s genre. A meaningful, gritty thriller about influential women running a rogue organisation of female operatives. The story moves from militia camps in West Africa to the slums of Eastern Europe and has an underlying theme of finding out who you are in a world that often prefers you to conform, finding the courage to live with integrity when integrity might not be popular. 

Enlightenment Productions has released three award winning feature films and one hard-hitting documentary. Their first, ‘I Can’t Think Straight’, became a cult success and won 11 awards. Their second, ’The World Unseen’, garnered 23 awards worldwide, including 11 SAFTAs) Most recently, Despite The Falling Snow, has won Best Production at it’s first outing at a UK festival. 

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