Scattermouth: The Next Social Network?

At ShowBiz blog tonight, we are featuring on all things social. Read about Scattermouth and importantly, is it gonna be the next social network that all the celebs and we will love and be a part of? Get busy reading! By: Mandy Ulis

The mobile phone is far more powerful than the average person gives it credit for. Over 60 million messages and photos are sent every day through Snapchat alone. The images are there for viewing and then disappear. What’s unique is that the startup has already proven impressive, despite two facts – it is just 10% of the volume of Facebook and it makes no money. is a unique social network that is combining the beloved features of Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. So many of the Snapchat users have forgotten what it’s like to be a part of social media. There is not a whole lot of interaction because the images and messages disappear. Snapchat, in fact, is seen as the antidote for social media because it eliminates the sharing and commenting, which essentially eliminates its social aspect.

We need social media. In a world where so many people hide behind their devices, the social interaction is needed for us to remain human and in touch with the world. Scattermouth has the potential to bring the masses back to a social network, and this alone is a big (and lofty) step. is the brainchild of Shane Cornier, based in Houston, Texas. It is the culmination of several earlier projects, including BitsyBlog, a platform that had similarities to Tumblr, though Shane had a different view for the social media experience.

Shane decided that the world was ready for Scattermouth when he noticed how both Facebook and Twitter have begun changing their platforms from what used to cater to its users to what now pleases the shareholders. So many users are unhappy with the changes taking place at Facebook and Twitter . Shane comments, “Twitter’s unpopularity is very apparent these days, it's not because of the their platforms functionality but because of the police state they've incorporated. Many users are suspended for mere words when it's not Twitter’s business anyways." The same can be said about Facebook, where users find themselves in Facebook jail because of posting photos or comments that may be offensive to a single individual.

Scattermouth focuses on free speech and expression, which is the way many platforms started out. Shane isn’t the average Silicon Valley-type, either. He’s more of a Texas cowboy who happens to shred at coding and design. The San Francisco types may not welcome such a true libertarian minded developer. Despite the possible pushback from the establishment in Silicon Valley, Scattermouth has caught the eye of several venture capital firms, which includes Lightspeed Venture Partners.

In addition to Shane Cormier, Stephen Araiza is the Vice President of Operations. It’s a solid team that shows considerable promise. Scattermouth is the ray of sunshine that so many social media users have been searching for since Facebook and Twitter have turned out to be something they once hated, political and judgmental. They changed due to peer pressure – and those peers would be the shareholders that have their own ideologies and not for the benefit of the users. It is all about the bottom line now, and it’s causing issue with users. is providing a little bit of the best of all the social networks. For example, users who are searching for the ultimate form of privacy will have the opportunity to set messages to self-destruct, which has them removed from the bowels of the internet. This feature is sure to appeal to those addicted to SnapChat simply because there is no permanent record being created.

Social networks are censoring what people say and do now because of shareholder intervention, which is ultimately preventing everyone from having the freedom of speech and level of social interactions they desire. Scattermouth may be arriving on the scene just in time to give everyone a lifeboat to jump into. 

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