Batdude and Superbro become besties!

ShowBiz world is always full of fun. When everyone is busy seriously talking about Batman vs Superman the concept and the movie, there are people full of humour who'd like to see them as besties. Yes, you read it right, as besties! How you ask? Read on....

Stella North Media, a video maker has come up with their first ever short film on YouTube which looks at how Batman and Superman can become the best of friends. It is aptly titled "Batdude and Superbro: Dawn of Besties" where they both come to a doctor to solve an issue between them....and the rest of the story? The short film takes us on an laughter ride when both of them don't even seem to have an understanding and respect to let the other person talk. This goes on and on until an interesting twist in the scene makes them..... to know more watch the video to find out!


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