Some funniest commercials ever

There were days when we were so engrossed into that dark Alien or Predator or Arnold flick that made our minds so serious. But suddenly, the TV channel breaks and starts the commercials. Then out of the blue, a funny commercial is shown and has us all in splits. Gee, I remember my childhood hands down! Commercials were started to showcase how a product or service can do good or be advantageous over the other. For example, do you remember that Fiat commercial where in one guy stops all of a sudden so that a cyclist doesn't get to touch his car.

Volkswagen has this awesome commercial where it inspires from one of Showbiz's greatest movies of all time. Star Wars' legendary character the Darth Vader suited up kid trying to control his dad' car. I was reminded of these when I caught up with a movie this weekend on Cable and watched some boring commercials. There are plenty of these Funny commercials on the Internet that you can still catch up with, even if they were first telecasted 20 years ago, a time when young folks were not born. Also, if you'd straight up go for the 10 best commercials, then there is a ready made list available right when you need it.


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