Rainn Wilson on Twitter !

Ok, for all those who claim they are fans of Show Biz, who is Rainn Wilson? If you don't know then you might probably want to keep yourself updated because is very popular - the star of the TV series The office. He is one among the very few who has been nominated for primetime Emmys.

Last week, I logged into my Twitter account after quite a few months. Indeed, I was surprised to see so many topics, discussions and people over there who want to follow me and who I want to follow back along with all those celebrities whom I follow already. I was surprised to find that Rainn Wilson has over 2 million followers on Twitter. A gentle recap - follower means someone who is interested to seek and read the tweets of that person. Then I wondered how does he manage 2 million followers and respond to those who ask questions and respond with comment on his tweets. There was this nifty video that he appears in and talks about Twitter Marketing Tool and how it is used for the best advantages and never against himself.


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